Traveling Tooth, Dental Hygiene Group of Natalie Brindos - Mobile Dental Hygiene Services
Comfortable, Preventive Dental Hygiene Services
The mission of Traveling Tooth, Dental Hygiene Group is to provide comfortable, preventive dental hygiene services to those who are developmentally  disabled, physically and mentally handicapped, children and seniors.
We deliver high-quality, personalized dental hygiene care.  We make sure our patients are well informed about the care they are receiving and know that we are there to listen to concerns and answer any questions.  With extensive training in case management , oral health needs, total health to the public, special needs, and senior caregivers, Natalie Brindos and the staff of Traveling Tooth, Dental Hygiene Group provide each patient with superior care.
We offer:
  • Oral evaluations, which include MDS, oral cancer screenings, clinical observations of cavities, periodontal disease and problems with dentures and partials.
  • Oral care plans
  • Bedside, in-residence dental hygiene care, which includes:  Oral prophylaxis (cleaning of plaque and deposits above the gum line), non-surgical periodontal therapies with topical anesthesic (deep scaling below the gum line and root planing), Denture cleaning, Fluoride treatments, Therapies for dry mouth (Xerostomia), and Strategies for prevention of cavities and gum disease.
  • Customized direct care staff in-service training in the provision of mouth and denture care for persons residing in long-term facilities.
  • Nutritional support program
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